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The Gift of . . .

Digital Conference Newsletters

At the 2016 NME conference, the Publicity couple tried something new by producing the daily conference newsletter in digital format. Each morning, before the formal opening of the day, the screen showed the daily news.

The following videos were shown as part of the NME 2016 The Gift conference in Stevens Point WI, August 4-7. These slide shows replaced the traditional printed daily news. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 4_Conference News

Shown at the opening on Thursday evening–a preview of the conference events.

Friday, August 5_Conference News

Shown Friday morning with news, notes, and images from the Thursday night opening.

Saturday, August 6_Conference News

Shown Saturday morning before the opening of the day. It shows photos, news, and love notes from the day before, Friday.

Sunday, August 7_Conference News

This slideshow was shown before the opening on Sunday and depicts the news, events, love notes, and photos from Saturday.