NME Affiliates with Websites

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AffliateContact Info
Archdiocese of Santa Fe (New Mexico)Duane & Fran Andersen
Central Coast ME (California) Mike & Joni Stallings (650-291-1120)
Central Iowa ME (Iowa) Steve & Peggy Steinbronn (515-321-5665-Steve; 515-321-5445-Peggy)
Central Ohio Marriage Enrichment (Ohio)Larry & Patti Cooper (740-369-0832)
Chippewa Valley Marriage Encounter (Wisconsin)Ken & Sue Ripp (847-546-0929)
Green Bay ME (Wisconsin)Kevin Ress & Nicole Nohl Ress (920-930-4291)
Jefferson City ME (Missouri)Joe & Amy Swiney
Marriage Encounter Central Texas (Texas)Spence & Shawn Jones (512-761-6328)
Twin Cities ME (Minnesota)Roger & Mary Jackson (651-454-3228)

NME Contacts

ContactsContact Info
ArkansasRon Lensing
Davenport, IowaDoug & Kyle Rick
MichiganPat Augustine
Milwaukee, WisconsinDave & Linda Abstetar
MARVA Marriage Encounter (Maryland/Virginia)Ellen Leiserson & Paul Kaplan (410-796-6166)
Central Wisconsin MEJim & Marge Hass (847-546-0929)
ChicagoFrank & Ann Wach (847-546-0929)
CincinnatiJane Katenkamp (513-385-0222)
Madison WisconsinTom & Barb Martin (608-850-5743)
Kansas CityDenny & Karen Schemmel (913-897-5079)
Dallas/Fort Worth TexasRuben & Maribeth Mata (817-483-6123)