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Statement of Spirituality Within National Marriage Encounter

“We believe it is essential that married couples continually strive to discover the presence and action of God in their individual and family lives.”  (From National Marriage Encounter Roots and Visions Statement of Philosophy – February 12, 1988)

  1. Spirituality of Marriage is our relationship with God as a couple.  Its elements include a common belief in God and a shared way of communicating and trusting in God.  It is an awareness that God is a third party in our marriage relationship and that He cares about us and has a plan for us.When we strive continually and daily to live in harmony with our spouse and with God, we are living our marriage spirituality.  This involves couple dialogue and couple prayer, plus a lot of effort, perseverance, sacrifice, forgiveness, risk and love.
  2. On a Marriage Encounter weekend we experience spirituality as we open ourselves (our hearts and minds) to the word of God through scripture and invite God to be present in our relationship through our dialogue.  This is enhanced by the shared vivencia of the team and prayer experiences of the weekend.
  3. As a result of our Marriage Encounter experience, we find family spirituality enhanced by our sharing, forgiveness, love acceptance and recognition of all family members.
  4. We experience spirituality in our community by being mindful of God’s presence in all our dialogue, meetings and activities.  We also experience God’s love through the fellowship of our Marriage Encounter community and the sharing of food.

The above statements are developed from Fr. Calvo’s Manual, the Guide For Teams, the Philosophy and Purpose Statement, the Inter-Faith Resolution, and the vivencia of those who have experienced a National Marriage Encounter weekend. Reafirmed at the July 2012 Board meeting as a Statement of purpose for the NME website.

Interfaith Statement

National Marriage Encounter is an interfaith expression of Marriage Encounter. It is open to and effective for couples of all faith expressions and those who do not have a faith background. The emphasis of the weekend is the enrichment of marriage relationships. Facilitators for the weekend are often couples from various faiths working side by side to present the weekend. Facilitators may be couples in “mixed religion” marriages or couples with divorce as part of their background. They may share their faith and its role in their lives. See Interfaith Structure of NME for more information.

National Marriage Encounter Privacy Statement

National Marriage Encounter (herein referred to as “NME”) respects the privacy of its online visitors. We do not collect personally identifiable information from individuals unless they provide it to us voluntarily and knowingly. This means we do not require you to register or provide information in order to view our site.

NME will never sell, trade, share, or rent your personal information (e.g., name, address, email address, phone number) to its merchant partners, member agencies, or any other third parties without your prior consent.

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